23rd May Club officers School
14th June Cabinet officers School
26th June Leaving for USA
15th July Returning to Sri Lanka
18th July Installation of District Cabinet,1st Cabinet Meeting
27th July Press Conference
23rd August Sports Day
September National Tree Planting
04th October 1st Monitoring Committee Meeting
07th October World Sight Day
10th October 2nd Cabinet Meeting
15th October Universal white cane day
24th October United nations Day
November Diabetic Awareness Month
22nd November Lion Ladies - Fund Raiser
01st December World Aids Day
03rd December International Differently Able Day
10th January 2010 2nd Monitoring Committee
16th January 2010 3rd Cabinet meeting & MJF
February Past Governors Honour Month
6th February Past Governors Honour- District Function
March District Governors Honour Month
22nd March 3rd Monitoring Meeting
28th March 4th Cabinet & steering committee Meeting
8th 9th May District convention
19th June Final Cabinet Meeting